Marie-Noëlle Saincierge Lamarche



From childhood a passion for drawing, color shows for this artist. Whatever the technique used, nature remains its favorite theme. Walk in the woods along the water, the admiration of a landscape or just flowers, birds become sources of inspiration.
The artist regularly exhibited his works in the Yonne, Aube, the region Paris, Côte d’Or, Auvergne.


The artist is getting carried away by emotions, expresses her sensitivity and imagination through her paintings, creating a world of poetry and sweetness. She invites the viewer to enter her colorful universe … Her paintings are a reflection of her emotions.


Painting is certainly a way of expressing oneself but it is also liberating and an escape for this artist from Tonnerre who lets herself being carried by many and various emotions.


My inspiration is the landscape of my native Burgundy, the woods and especially the rivers and lakes, because water is something that inspires me…
Through my paintings I try to convey feelings, I let myself be carried away by all kinds of emotions that awake in me the memories of my childhood.
A childhood spent in the countryside, running with my sisters in the fields of wheat, poppies, after butterflies and birds…
I invite the viewer to daydream, to poetry and let them wander into my landscapes that tell a story, a moment of my life.