Irina Buacova



Identities: whether it is about the identity of a human being, a place or abstract character, their unique personality and special character arise from within and tell their story. This time, imaginary identities are added to the stories of identity of portraits and places, while combining fractal art and photography. Photograph on glossy paper and on canvas, fractal art / photography on metallic and glossy paper.

2010, 2011

Irina L. Buacova-Velmuradova began her artistic career as a photographer for the magazine “Femeya Moldova”. She attended the “Studio d’Etat de la Production Cinématographique Turkménistan” and was awarded the professional qualification of “Artist-photographer”. As she also graduated in philology, Irina worked as a professor of Russian literature over a period of 15 years, while keeping photography as a passion and a hobby. Eventually she returned permanently to the image. Now she works in professional photography since 1998 and cooperates with various advertising agencies. In 2006, she opened her own studio and a school for photography, accredited by the Ministry of Education. In the fall of 2009 she moved to Chisinau where she is currently pursuing her work. Although she works in various genres, Irina is particularly interested in portraits: people, their stories, their characters and their personalities.