Vytautas Kusas



Born August 12, 1949, currently living in Palanga in Lithuania. He has had more than 220 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, he wrote seven books of poetry and has created five calendars with love poetry. Vytautas Kusasi holds two records in Lithuania. He is the creator of the longest painting in miniature (7.1 m long and 2 m height) and author of the largest solo exhibition. (1000 paintings) This spring, the artist started to research a new method of creation. He engraved the eggs of different birds (from quail to ostrich egg) so they become transparent and perforated. Vytautas Kusasi is also founder of a unique museum in the Baltics: Museum of Dogs.


What an environment, as is the color. It is not me who chose the colors, but colors chose me. I never thought about how I drew. Sometimes I imagine the topic, but I do not see color. During the drawing the required color imposes itself. It is only at the end that I see if it’s black or white.