Marc Levet



Concealed between the stones who will soon appear? Lizard? Snail? Protagonists of the plateau, a woman, a cloud, a scarab pass through the landscape.


In the huge gallery of the memory of nature, everything becomes a pretext to the study, of the investigation. Armed with a engraver, brush or charcoal, the passionate leaves in pursuite of the creation, its asperities and soft waves. (Attracted by the light of the inaccessible star)


Within the three dimensions of sculpture, perform every whim of nature! According to the Moon: sharpen, smooth, curve, straighten, engrave …
Studies in honor of pleasantries in dramaturgy, transforming rambling into navigation.


Again we are invited by David Gaggelli. On this plateau, which became the cradle, where there is only looking, wander! For the pleasure of being together, in the cool breeze, sunshine or a blizzard. Come together at Villon!


From one work to another, the sculptor’s passion is expressed through the movements of creation, listening to nature.