In front of the white, imagination invents and colors explode. Shapes appear and change to achieve a work that remains for the future. The artist is finished!


The stroke of the brush is straightforward, assured. The artist is confident, and his art progresses. He challenges, astonished, surprised, but it can not be ignored: this is the essential! He puts his art in the service of others and hopes to bring a little sweetness in this hectic life! Such is his wish.


The spirit commands,
the hand performs…
But occasionally, the sudden stroke
of the hand prevails…
The artist is surprised!
How beautiful!
Regardless, the worst would be


White white, white gray, white yellow, white … Black black, black gray, black anthracite, … Who said that black and white are no colors?


Believe it! I think! The spirit progresses, the hand too! Painting inspires tolerance, meeting the other, opens the mind, and progresses. The artist is rewarded by the face and eyes of others that have enjoyed.