Poetry and music

Sunday, August 11, 2019
from 20h
in the church of Melisey

Lecture on François VILLON by Guillaume Martinet, accompanied by Lucie De Bayser, flute and Grégory Roux, saxophone

Véronique BUR

Realizations of Illustrations, Scenographies (theater and cinema), exhibitions and public performances in France and abroad.
Technique: Oil on paper – All types of formats (up to 2mx5m during performances)
CONTACT: Phone 06 30 93 67 34 Mail: veronique-bur@orange.fr


Nudes Presentation
Sylvie Auvray Comin had the idea to identify a part of her pictorial territory around the body of women. She paints them in the middle of a context, with an evocative title. “For me, the ideal is to be able to pass my own emotions, sensibility, voluptuousness and sometimes the eroticism! I always include poetry in my paintings! “The curve of a hip, the roundness of a buttock or breast, the colors of complexion, the velvety skin … all elements to evoke the sensuality of a low back female or the happiness of a lascivious body!


The earth, living matter, I have to tame it to reshape the expected form. Fine or chamotte, its texture determines my creative act.


I started painting professionally at the age of 20 and found inspiration and a classical training with the great masters of the past. I have paintings in many countries and received many awards throughout my career. My works are in the best art galleries in France as well as abroad. My painting naturally evolved and today I am working figurative, as again and allways, but with the ambition to feel poetic concepts. The result of each painting is a moment or a feeling to sleep on the canvas ..