Francine BARDOU

“From an early age drawing and painting were a real pleasure. Much later and after two attempts, I enrolled in the courses of the association “Arts en Tonnerrois”. The planets were aligned again. A rigorous teacher, regularity and atmosphere have awakened my pleasure. I like all the techniques, but oil painting is my favorite. I need a model and an outside look to guide me.


Now 17 years old, I have been painting since I was 11 years. Painting is a real passion for me. I reproduce works of art and hope later to paint my own works.


Omani flowers of a deep mauve and subtle fragments, brightly colored parrot tulips and jagged petals, water lilies. Real jewels on the surface of ponds whose broad leaves nestle on the surface inviting some amphibians, wild animals , surprised or domesticated, last shots of Palmyra before destruction, icebergs before the melting, looks on the roofs, unusual visions…


The gouaches of Etienne encourage you to meditate like in cloisters that in serene rhythm, regularity and harmony convey their peace. The play of form, variation and vibration constructs a space that is not closed and opens towards a certain infinity. As one discovers his obstinate, rigorous work, one likes this contrast between the austerity of construction and the sensuality of colors. Suzanne Rodière


Marie-Noëlle Saincierge Lamarche uses the landscapes of the region, but also elsewhere, as a source of inspiration. Her paintings have been exhibited in Yonne, Aube, Côte d’Or, the Paris region, Auvergne… The artist plays with colors and invites the viewer to wander in her colorful universe! Faithful to the “Chemin de peintres et de sculpteurs” Marie-Noëlle again appreciates the formula of this happening of exchange, meeting and conviviality around art!

Marie-Odile MIZIER

To photograph is to look, to see in its entirety or in detail the world around us. It is to seize the light in the moment, the landscape, the life to better remember it, to share the moment. I will present some photographs, especially on the themes of detail, light, mask and streets. The series will be supplemented by photographs taken in Asia, mainly in Cambodia, picturing trade, activity and markets on roadsides and rivers since there we traveled a lot over waterways.

Sandra WARD

I have always been attracted to painting (exhibitions, art books) but it is only since my retirement that I started painting gouache myself, first by participating in classes then independently. For two years now I try oil painting. My subjects are diverse: flowers, landscapes, cars, birds, animals…


The line and the color marry in my work. As a graphic designer, I see the image, the line, I transmit the movement and the character of the objects and persons that surround me. I orchestrate them with the color by creating the mood of the spectator.